Credit Union and Corporate Consulting

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For more that 25 years we have been involved at the executive level with more than 250 large credit unions and other businesses around the United States on projects affecting the entire organization.  Through our extensive involvement on these projects, we have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the combined affect of all major undertakings on each individual area and department of a Credit Union.  This understanding makes the work we do much more effective and successful, since we consider the total project from an organization-wide perspective.

Strategic projects that we have successfully managed completely, from start to finish include:

  1. Strategic Planning Facilitation

  2. Strategic and Business Plan Development

  3. Executive Recruitment and Employment Agreement Development

  4. Comprehensive Workflow Analysis and Improvement Studies

  5. Compensation and Incentive System Benchmarking and Design

  6. Branch and Facilities Siting and Design Studies

  7. Core System Request for Proposal and Selection Processes

  8. Organizational Structure Design and Culture Conversion Process

  9. Merger Facilitation and Integration

More information about these and other services which we provide can be found on the tabs at the top of this page or by contacting us via email at or by calling us at (734) 259-4949. 

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